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Harmonic Shamanic Drum Making Kit

Starting at: $135.00

Our lacing and handles on the Harmonic Shamanic Drum have been developed to make the stretch on the head more even around the hoop. Because our drums have five handles, instead of the traditional four, they fit your hand better than the other types we have seen. In this way, we recognize both the four elemental directions and spirit, which is a part of everything.

Harmonic Shamanic Drum Kits come with a hoop, pre-cut and pre-punched rawhide head, hand-cut rawhide lacing, and supplies to make either a pouch or standard beater. You may choose horse or red stag deer on a 15", 18" or 20" diameter maple hoop. You will need sharp scissors and a stick for your beater.

Horse is the traditional journey animal, used by shamanic workers in both the old and new world. Horse drums are dark in color with a heady tone. The horse drum is associated with the third eye chakra.

Red Stag Deer
Represented in Neolithic cave paintings 40,000 years ago in Europe, the deer has been an important helper to humans worldwide. Deer represents love and circulation. Deer drums are light to medium in color and have an extremely resonant tone with sustained harmonics. The deer drum is associated with the heart chakra and carries a feminine energy.

Maple is common in both Europe and North America. It is considered a tree of balance, wisdom and prosperity. The life cycle of the Maple exemplifies the turning of the seasons. Maple is used to make many things including musical instruments, and is considered a tonewood, which is a wood that carries sound waves well. It is a hard wood with a bright sound. These hoops are machine made 10-ply and are extremely durable.

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