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Sweaty People Drum Making 4/28/18 2:00-7:00 50% *** DEPOSIT ***

Starting at: $65.00


This listing is for your deposit of 50%, which is due on sign-up to hold your space in class. Your actual cost will be twice the deposit. The balance will be due at the class. I can take credit cards, checks and cash at the class.

This workshop will be to make the type of drum commonly seen in shamanic practice where the head is pulled around the frame with a contiguous lacing which then makes the handle on the back. There are two styles of drum offered for this workshop that are both my design and are non-traditional. Additionally, i am also offering the traditional four directions native style handle.

The workshop comes with everything you need to make your chosen drum and a drum beater. A soft suede handle wrap with instructions is available to take home and apply when the drum is dry. Hides available are red stag deer (hart), horse, elk or moose. All drums will be made on hardwood reinforced cedar hoops made in our wood shop.

The Harmonic Shamanic drum has 15 lacings creating a five spoke handle. This arrangement represents the four elements + spirit (among many other things). It was created to give pagan people a drum with their own magic and symbolism rather than using the traditional native American type. It is also more comfortable to hold and, because of the odd number of lacings, it is very balanced and creates harmonic over and undertones along with a very nice voice. This is extremely distinct with horse drums, which can create celestial vibrations, but carries through whatever hide is used.

The standard four directions native style drum is also available (16 laces, four spoke handle). Prices are the same as the Harmonic Shamanic Drum.

Prices for Harmonic Shamanic or Four Directions Drums;

12” Deer or Horse $130

15” Deer or Horse $160 Elk $170 Moose $185

18” Deer or Horse $180 Elk $190 Moose $205

20” Deer or Horse $200 Elk $210 Moose $225

Suede handle wrap $10 extra

The Nine Worlds drum has 18 lacings with a triple three / nine spoke handle and was created specifically for Norse, Heathen & Celtic work. It is a boomier drum with a more direct sound. It is a little more complicated to make, but well worth the effort.

Prices for Nine World Drums;

12” Deer or Horse $155

15” Deer or Horse $185 Elk $195 Moose $210

18” Deer or Horse $205 Elk $215 Moose $230

20” Deer or Horse $225 Elk $235 Moose $250

Suede handle wrap $20 extra


If you choose, you may also make a round shamanic rattle at the workshop. Horse, deer and elk hide are available in small (2 1/2"), medium (4") or Large (5") diameters. You may want to bring your own stick (1/2" to 3/4" wide), there will also be some available to choose. If you are making a rattle, be sure to choose the sinew color you would like as well.
Prices for rattles:
Small $17
Medium $28
Large $38

Deadline for registration is April 14, 2018


To assist you in picking your drum, here is some information about the various qualities of each type of hide.

Choosing Your Drum: Which Hide is Right for You?

Many people ask me about the differences between the different hides used for drum heads. There are both left brained and right brained differences between the hides.

Deer relates to the heart chakra, bringing the energy of love and circulation. It is a very feminine feeling hide, I see it as a young maiden just setting out on life. It has lots of harmonics and the most sustain (how long the sound lasts). It is susceptible to weather changes as it tends to absorb moisture from the air, so it requires a little more work to bring the tone up in wet conditions. It varies in color from pale cream to brown. Many varieties of deer cannot be shipped outside the US without an expensive veterinary certificate, so I use Red Stag Deer, which is native to Europe (where it is known as a Hart) and farmed in the US for food.

Horse resonates with the 3rd eye chakra and is especially useful in journeying and meditation. It has superior harmonics. Thinner horse drums can be susceptible to moisture, but not as much as deer. It varies in color from golden brown to dark chocolate brown.

Elk resonates with the solar plexus chakra, involving will and stamina. It is a masculine feeling hide, it feels to me like a young warrior who has your back. It has the best base tone, but does not offer as much in sustain or harmonics. It handles weather pretty well, but thinner hides can be affected by moisture. It varies in color from cream to brown, and frequently has translucent sections.

Moose, sometimes known as Swedish Elk depending on its source, resonates with the womb chakra, bringing deep emotional healing. It is also a feminine hide, and reminds me of a grandmother who takes you into her lap and makes you feel that everything is going to be okay. Moose drums resonate well with women who are dealing with the transition from Mother to Crone. The drums have a deep sound, with slight harmonics and resonance. Very thick moose drums can be thumpy. Moose does very well in damp weather. Hides are medium brown, frequently with a honey color.

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